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Creative Director

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Photographer / Creative Director / Producer




2018年には"Dance, Art, Human being"を軸にするウェブマガジン「Alexandre(アレクサンドル)」を創刊し、一流のクリエイターの協力のもと、ハイクオリティな写真と記事を定期的に配信している。


また、2020年には、伝統と革新の融合で築かれた歴史を持つ「バレエ」を現代ならではの解釈で表現するプロジェクト「BALLET TheNewClassic(バレエザニュークラシック)」を、K-BALLET カンパニーのプリンシパル・堀内將平とともに始動。2022年8月には活動第一弾としてバレエガラ公演を実施。クラウドファンディングの達成率も751%と大きな支持を得て、全公演完売。批評家からも多くの賛辞が寄せられた。


2018.09 「Alexandre」創刊

2020.02 株式会社ALEXANDRE 設立


2020.09 「BALLET TheNewClassic」始動

2022.08 バレエ公演「BALLET TheNewClassic2022」(全5公演)開催

2023.01 写真展「BALLET DANCERS」@reload下北沢



Christian Dior, Chika Kisada, CFCL, DANSKIN, 三井ホーム


新国立劇場バレエ団,  K-BALLET TOKYO,  東京バレエ団,


Yumiko Inoue graduated from Keio University. She began her career in photography while still a student, and later worked mainly in advertising and fashion. Fascinated by beautiful dancers, she has been photographing and filming dancers as her lifework. 

Her activities go beyond photography and include media and organizing ballet performances.


In 2018, she launched "Alexandre," a web magazine based on "Dance, Art, Human being," which regularly delivers high-quality photos and articles with the cooperation of top creators.


In 2020, she and Shohei Horiuchi, principal dancer of the K-BALLET Company, launched "BALLET TheNewClassic," a project to express ballet, which has a history of combining tradition and innovation, in a modern interpretation. In August 2022, a ballet gala performance was held as the first phase of the project. The crowdfunding campaign achieved 751% of its goal, and all performances were sold out. The performance received many compliments from the critics.

<Activity History >


2018.09 First issue of "Alexandre"

2020.02 Establishment of ALEXANDRE LTD.


2020.09 Start of "BALLET TheNewClassic”

2022.08 Ballet performance "BALLET TheNewClassic2022" (5 performances)

2023.01 Photo exhibition "BALLET DANCERS" @reload Shimokitazawa

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